This is a sample of some of the positive feedback Temp-Cast has always received from our customers – please note that some letters have been edited for length and personal details. (Watch this page for future updates, including some of their own photos.)

Tempcast in Strawbale Home:

“We picked our stove up at your facility the fall. Jim Shuman, who is a friend and local mason, assembled the stove in our new strawbale house yet that fall and we moved in the following March. So we are now in our third full winter. Just to let you know we are very happy with our stove. It is the only heat source in addition to some basic passive solar for our ranch-style strawbale house with a daylight basement– approx. 1650 sq ft of interior space on each of the two levels. On most days we do one fire. Three days this winter we have done two fires, although this has been a mild winter. We also enjoy the bake oven and we are glad we have the chimney-top damper. I think there are two pictures of the stove on our website.

I talked with Jim Shuman this morning and he said he has inquired about being a TempCast dealer. He has not asked me to contact you, but I would highly recommend him. He did a great job of installing our stove including the chimney. He was one of the few sub-contractors who came in well under what he had quoted us. Two weeks ago I was down in Maryland helping Greg Newswanger with his strawbale house. He also recently got a stove from you after having seen ours. I recommended Jim to him for installation and they have been in touch.

Thanks again for your great product.”

Barry from Akron, PA 17501

A customer in BC installed their Temp-Cast 2000 with hot water coils. This installation is unique in that it will complement a radiant floor system and the top of the heater forms the top section of the stair case leading to the main level of the home. Although the house was not yet insulated, the customer wrote:

“I’m sending along our pictures of our “under steps” Temp-Cast. So far we find than it can heat the whole house to about 60° F. when temperatures drop to -20° C. (-5°F). Our house has 1580 sq. feet – I haven’t figured out the cubic feet. We haven’t got the underfloor pipes hooked up yet – the plumber is still working on that…..
Yours Sincerely,
Janet Pattinson.”

Another BC customer wrote:

“A great wood stove – far beyond all expectations. This unit is by far the space age way of heating with wood. The heat is radiant and silent. No drafts, fans or noise. The heat can be almost instant by standing in front of the always clean glass door and also long lasting by way of having the mass of heated masonry. Its great first thing in the morning to have a comfortable heat in the house and not to be shivering and shaking trying to coax a regular woodstove back to life. We were using the stove about a month when a neighbour asked “are you ever going to use your woodstove – I never see any smoke.” The combustion is so complete that you just get a vapour from the chimney – similar to a natural gas furnace. If your serious about wood heat this is the only way to go. It exceeds all your advertised criteria and specifications. …..
Good luck and we will be happy to show our stove or answer questions if you want to give our name for reference.”

Gerald McDuff

This Temp-Cast 2000 with bake oven option and gold arched door is installed in Michigan and incorporates a wood storage box behind the heater and a beautiful dumbwaiter for wood handling. (We’ll be getting his photos scanned later!) He had this to say:

“…To date, our unit has really worked well and we are pleased with it. We get a lot of positive comments and just plain interest from our friends. …. In conclusion, this was one of the most enjoyable projects I’ve undertaken. It has been a pleasure doing business with Temp-Cast Enviroheat.”

John Nienstaedt.

This next couple installed a model 2000 Temp-Cast heater with a bake oven, hot water coil, arched door and roof top damper, in a new timber frame home in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. They sent the following letter:

“Dear John,

The Burnett/Irish masonry heater installation is finally completed, and your phone can rest a little easier. Thanks for all your assistance during the installation process. In the new society, every community will have a few masonry heater experts, and you will be relieved of the coaching aspect of your position. One must

My husband and I just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our heater. We have designed our life and our new home with “sustainability” as the primary factor, and a masonry heater was the only heating system that fit the bill in our climate.

I hope you add to your educational/marketing materials the concept that masonry heaters aren’t just for the financially secure who hire their home’s design & construction. Although we hired our framing roughed in, we designed and made the timer-framing part ourselves, and the finish work; the masonry heater was a key component all along. Although the short-term cash cost of a masonry heater is substantial to those, like us, who choose to live on a low income, when considering long-term heating costs and environmental costs of other heating systems, the cost of a heater is very reasonable. I know this is not news to you.

We will promote your heaters in numerous ways – but already we can see that it speaks best for itself. We already have 3-5 people interested in one for themselves. It would probably be worth your while to send us a few sets of information packets to give to such people. The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a prime area for masonry heaters: lots of environmentally conscious people, lots of wood, lots of cold.

Best of luck to you & your company. May your phone ring off the walls with requests for information about your masonry heater – that has now become the heart of our home. ”

Nancy Irish
Chris Burnett

The following testimonial comes again from British Columbia, another area of cold winters and strong environmentalism. (A diagram accompanied the letter showing 2 floors with 1200 sq. ft/floor.)

“Dear Brian,

Many thanks for your letter dated June 19th. Regretfully the roll of film arrived after we had completed the building process; we have faced ours with river rocks 5″ to 6″ thick. I will send you some photos.

Our house consists of 2 floors plus basement; we have triple glazed windows to the north, and we are on water frontage along our southern aspect. We’ve also added a lot more insulation than needed. We deliberately placed tempcast in centre of the house below the upstairs passage. We have some electric baseboards upstairs because in B.C. the building code states that you cannot have wood as your primary heat source. We’ve only ever had them on on two occasions. Our first winter here was typical with outdoor temps. below – (minus) for most mornings for about 3 months. Snow on the ground sometimes. We found one burn a day sufficient to keep the whole house warm; we did have 2 fires one day & ended up with the french doors open for hours it was so hot in here.

I baked everything in the bake oven, I also used it for drying herbs, fruits, vegetables, its ideal for rising bread, making yoghurt, meringues come out a dream! We dry all the laundry outside in summer and winter, then I air it at night around the chimney (our damper is on the chimney top). 40 gallons of water is heated to about blood temp, we top that up with electrical heat.

John will know the tank we purchased. The Victoria, B.C. manufacturer had a stall next to John LaGamba’s at “the log house” trade show in Abbotsford, BC. I know they exchanged a lot of information.

I should like to say that your manuals are excellant. We had alot of fun building it. Many people came to our home just to look at our exceptionally safe, efficient and beautiful looking temp cast. Living in a timber house surrounded by forest, I like the fact that there is virtually no possibility of chimney fire, (or)
sparks spitting out of the fire.

We built our home at the same time as good friends built theirs 3 kms from here. They have a regular wood stove that they have to keep going day and night and they also use electrical heat upstairs. Their wood consumption was about 4 to 5 times ours and their hydro (electrical) bills were consistantly more than double for a N. facing 2700 sq. foot open plan home very similar to ours!…..

Yours sincerely
Sonia Lambert”

We recently received this email from a customer in northeastern Illinois, who had completed his standard heater:.


Every claim you made is true. Christmas day we lit a small fire in your heater. Wow, what a display! A glowing red hot fire without overheating the room. The glass door stayed clean —- clean like it wasn’t there. The next morning, very little ashes remained and the heater was producing a 10 degree F rise from the top vent on the heat capturing cavity. It took 36 hours for the masonry to exhaust its’ radiant heat. While checking, I observed a maximum rise of 15 degrees F before it slowly declined to ambient. I wish I hadn’t built the wall behind the fireplace in the master bedroom, but it still is working to release heat into the house.

John, this is a great product! Do you need a representative in the Chicago-Milwaukee area?”

John Schueneman.

We received this via the strawbale discussion group on the Internet. Jorg Ostrowski, a highly respected architect in Calgary Alberta, was answering a query about wood fire combustion. He has designed and built a truly remarkable demonstration of energy efficient, sustainable housing in Calgary, which just happens to have a Temp-Cast masonry heater for heating, baking and hot water.

“Rene: You have a very interesting stove, unless you mean 1000dF. Our masonry heater will heat up anywhere between 700 to 1200dF. 2 hydronic heat exchangers from California in the primary combustion chamber, another one where the heat/smoke enters the chimney. It is our only back-up heating system when it is -37dC in the City of Calgary. 40 pounds will burn for 1.5 – 2.5 hours in our Tempcast masonry heater. Space heating, hot water and baking. Better than TV.” 

Jorg-Dietram Ostrowski,
M. Arch. A.S. (MIT), B. Arch. (Toronto), Ecotect
Phone: (403) 239-1882, Fax: (403) 547-2671 e-mail: [email protected]

  • in full-time professional practice since 1976 
  • Straw Bale design since 1978 
  • environmental/architectural design, ecological planning, consulting 
  • lectures, seminars, workshops 
  • 3 residential demonstration projects in Canada, +80,000 visitors 
  • college campus and office tower retrofit under construction 
  • living a conserver lifestyle & working in a sustainable home and office

This email was gladly received:

“Came across your web site and the list of where you have heaters installed. Just wanted to add that we have one, custom designed with see-thru and bake-oven, with brick and Deer Isle Granite facade and put in place in 1995. We love it.”

CH Clinton, CT.

We received these comments – clearly, some projects take longer than others!

“A few years (!) ago, my husband purchased one of your units (we started construction of this addition in the Fall of 1998). We have had the core pieces together for about 2 years, but just recently finished the facing masonry, and although we have not completed the entire room, I am sending you some pictures of our unit. I know at least a year ago, you sent us a letter in the mail requesting pictures, but we were not done at that time.

So far, we love the heater. Although we finished it right after the temperatures climbed out of the single digits, it has been keeping our new room (as well as the rest of the house) quite comfortable.

If you would like, I will send you more pictures after we get the floor
and furnishings in the room (which may still be another month or so).”

Sue & Steve Warner

Although these next comments from Ontario were brief, the enthusiasm for the product still shines through.

“Sorry it has taken us this long to get some pictures to you of our Tempcast. Absolutely fantastic. Floor heat has kicked in only about 10 times in the early morning hours during those -31 windchill days. Can’t say enough positives about it. Showing it off and bragging to anyone who will listen.”

Oscar & Sandra Van Binsbergen 

We received this email – not so brief, but they don’t come any more enthusiastic than these British Columbia customers!

Hi John.

Julie and I absolutely love our masonry heater. It was worth every penny. We found a mason with over 40 years experience but the masonry heater was news to him. Although Erik Loppnau is originally from Denmark where I assumed plenty of this kind of fireplace would exist, he answered our request to putting the kit together with “Sure, why not?”

To face, we used Pennsyllvania Bluestone, a type of sandstone, because of the rainbow of colour and because Erik was comfortable working with stone. We asked Erik to use.. big.. chunks because we wanted more stone and less mortar. We were pleasantly surprised by the size of the stones he was able to slap up. Erik endured a heatwave here but still managed to heave and fit stones of eighty pounds and up. 

The experience of building our addition was one of most memorable six months we have ever had. In our eyes, the fireplace is stunning. It is large but it does not overwhelm the room. Raised hearths on both sides, a mantle in the bedroom, a large platform in the living room for plants, which thrive with the warmth. The fireplace is floor to ceiling and forms the wall between our bedroom and the living room. We went for the pizza oven and the double sided option. Romantic is the adjective Julie uses to describe this option. A buddy suggested that we should have put pizza ovens on both sides. Dang! I had actually thought about it.

We have baked several pizzas already. Superb. The smoky flavour cannot be matched. Getting the crust right requires some close monitoring as the oven gets damn hot and cooks crusts rapidly. We served pizza for my mom’s 80th birthday bash and some said it was the best they had had, anywhere. Highly recommended for those who love to bake.

We situated the heater centrally on the second floor because we have two bachelor suites down below .We provide homecare for two people with brain injuries. Thus while the downstairs requires other heating sources, the upstairs is toasty. And we are thoroughly pleased with the long lasting warmth provided out of just one load of wood.

Julie and I are in our forties and have never before had a fireplace in any place we have lived. Our present home was built in 1960 with no fireplace, a bit of an oddity. The fireplace was the crown jewel of our 1500 square foot addition. We designed around it. This January we had a cold snap so we really got to enjoy the fires.I am skeptical of advertising but your website is informative, tantalizing and best of all …. truthful. We have not been disappointed in any way. The airwash system works, the pizza oven works, the doors are of top quality and so on.  

All the very best in the New Year, John. Bravo and thanks for a great purchase. You should be proud of the company that you run.
Cheers, Vince and Julie 

P.S.I have ripped this off in a few minutes but could spend hours writing about our wonderful fireplace .   When I next bake I will send some shots.

Hi John,

The tempcast unit I installed in my own home in Northern California is a source of great satisfaction. Having finally learned what it takes to get the best from the unit (both in terms of installation and operation), I am a very strong advocate for your product. I’d love to install them professionally. I have relocated to the San Francisco South Bay Area (Cupertino, not far from San Jose), and am now also a licensed California contractor.
What does your sales and marketing network in my area look like?

I’d like to link to your website from my new site. I was wondering if I you could send me an image (of a finished furnace from your site) to use next to the link? I would use a picture of my installation, but, alas, I have yet to install drywall and a finished floor in that area of my house.


– Chris

Now after three winters, I’m eager to report that our Temp-Cast 2000 has exceeded expectations. This technology is rare in Virginia; several friends, visitors and subcontractors became immediately impressed with the performance, and the aesthetic impact. Aesthetics versus performance?- I cannot say which feature is best; it’s all wrapped up in one. Having only experienced wood stoves and such, my wife was concerned about indoor air quality. She was astonished by the masonry heater’s total lack of combustion odor. As a professor in Wood Science, my career revolves around wood- I cannot explain the satisfaction it brings to heat our home with the most efficient, environmentally responsible, wood-burning technology available to homeowners. We love it.

Chip Frazier
T.M. Brooks Professor
230 Cheatham Hall
Wood Science and Forest Products
Virginia Tech
Blacksburg, VA 24061-0323

“Nous suggérons ce type de chauffage à quiconque se pose la question… C’est magnifique, pas compliqué , sa chaleur fait du bien et la nourriture que l’on peut faire dans le four est tout à fait sublime!”Marylie et Samuel
Saint-Bernard-de-Michaudville (Québec)

“Confort et bien-être,Tous les avantages que nous avions souhaité obtenir de notre foyer de masse se sont réalisé s. Et la ré alité dé passe même nos attentes. Nous avons eu le bonheur de constater que nos coûts de chauffage ont diminué de moitié depuis l’installation. Un seul feu par jour est souvent suffisant pour chauffer toute la maison, surtout quand on le chauffe quotidiennement. Notre foyer de masse nous procure un confort extraordinaire à peu de frais en toutes saisons.Nous recommandons le four à cuisson. C’est une source de bonheur pour cuisiner. Nos visiteurs ne manquent jamais de nous fé liciter pour notre achat. Notre pizza au four est devenue cé lèbre dans la famille. Nous faisons aussi notre pain, des muffins, cé ré ales et plein de bons petits plats. Le four est facile d’entretien, efficace et par temps froid, très ré confortant.
 Nous préparons notre bois de chauffage tôt au printemps pour l’année suivante. C’est souvent une corvée que nous faisons avec la famille et les amis. Ils n’hésitent pas une seconde à venir nous aider quand on leur promet de goûter à notre fameuse pizza au four à bois!”Robert et Sylvie,
Eastman (Québec)

C’est au Salon “Chalets et maisons de campagne 2007” que nous avons fait la découverte du Foyer de masse Temp-Cast…En discutant de certaines caractéristiques avec le représentant, nous sommes tout de suite tombés sous le charme! Le côté écologique et le fameux four à pain nous ont conquis. C’est à l’automne que le rêve allait devenir réalitéNous pouvons vous confirmer maintenant que l’efficacité est au-delà de nos espérances! Lors des journées plus froides (-25C), nous faisons un feu aux 12 heures et lors des journées plus douces (-5C), nous ne faisons qu’un seul feu pour 24 heures et plus, et ceci avec du bois mou… Alors imaginez avec du bois dur!

Tout en gardant notre maisonnée au chaud, notre foyer a remplacé le four de notre cuisinière. En plus du pain et des pizzas, nous faisons mijoter tous les plats qui ont besoin d’une cuisson au four. Nous avons également fait chauffer un potage 10 heures après le feu et il était aussi chaud que s’il avait été chauffé sur la cuisinière!Maintenant toutes les raisons sont bonnes pour venir se blottir devant le foyer!” Anik et Christian
Saint-Nicolas (Québec)