The best way to heat your home with wood.

Burn wood to heat your home for up to 12 to 24 hours of radiant heat from a single fire.

That's the warmth and efficiency of a Temp-Cast Masonry Heater.

What Makes A Temp-Cast Different?

If you want to heat any portion of your home with wood there is no more efficient way to heat than with a Masonry Heater. A Temp-Cast Masonry Heater is capable of heating a well insulated home for 12 to 24 hours on one firing of wood. Compared to a traditional fireplace or a wood stove you will reduce your wood usage tremendously and burn in a more environmentally friendly manner.

Heat your home with less wood

Use half as much wood to get the same amount of heat compared to inserts and wood stoves.

Perfect for emergency or primary home heating

Many of our customers heat their home with a Temp-Cast paired with solar panels for their home's remaining power needs. Power outages in winter can be scary, let a Temp-Cast heater bring you peace of mind.

Safe operation

The high-temperature burn of a Temp-Cast with proper wood eliminates the risk of chimney fire. The outside surface, other than the glass door, will not burn you.

Delicious Food from your Wood Fired Oven

High temp

Right after a fire, the bake oven is at 500˚-650˚F. Perfect for wood-fired pizzas or searing delicious meat.

Baking temp

A few hours after the fire goes out, you will have 6+ hrs. where your bake oven is at 350˚F-450˚F. It's the perfect baking temperature for bread.

Slow cook temp

As your bake oven continues to cool down you will hit a period of perfect slow cooking temperatures. Throw in a a roast or some ribs!

An easy-to-use instruction manual

All the instructions are in our easy to follow manual. Most pieces are physically keyed, fitting together like Legos. All pieces are numbered and assembled in order.

“My husband and I just wanted to let you know how thrilled we are with our heater. We have designed our life and our new home with “sustainability” as the primary factor, and a masonry heater was the only heating system that fit the bill in our climate.”

- Nancy Irish
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Clad the outside in almost anything

Once you've installed the heater kit with our easy-to-follow instructions, you can clad the exterior in tile, brick, stone, or almost any other material.

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Now after three winters, I’m eager to report that our Temp-Cast 2000 has exceeded expectations. This technology is rare in Virginia; several friends, visitors and subcontractors became immediately impressed with the performance, and the aesthetic impact. Aesthetics versus performance?- I cannot say which feature is best; it’s all wrapped up in one. Having only experienced wood stoves and such, my wife was concerned about indoor air quality. She was astonished by the masonry heater’s total lack of combustion odor. As a professor in Wood Science, my career revolves around wood- I cannot explain the satisfaction it brings to heat our home with the most efficient, environmentally responsible, wood-burning technology available to homeowners. We love it.

Chip Frazier

T.M. Brooks Professor, Wood Science and Forest Products, Virginia Tech


Temp-Cast masonry heaters are stunningly beautiful in your home.

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Four heaters. Pick your favorite. Everything you need included in one easy kit.

Standard Kit

Our most popular kit


What's included

  • All major parts listed below

Standard Kit with Bake Oven

Upgrade to cook with wood


What's included

  • All major parts listed below
  • 1 Bake Oven Door
  • 1 Bake Oven Trim Plate

See-through Kit

See the fire on both sides


What's included

  • All major parts listed below
  • Different refractory pieces to allow see-through design

See-through with Bake Oven

Cook with wood on the see-through


What's included

  • All major parts listed below
  • Different refractory pieces to allow see-through design
  • 1 Bake Oven Door
  • 1 Bake Oven Trim Plate

Included with every kit

Every kit includes these essential parts and added components.

Refractory Modules

Refractory Mortar

Ceramic Fiber


Corrugated Spacers

1 Black Arched Firebox Door

2 Cast-iron Clean-Out Doors


1 Cast-Iron Firegrate

1 Air Intake Door

Door Fasteners

Construction Manual

Ready to add a Temp-Cast to your home?

Have questions? Need help finding the best kit for your needs? Need help designing a heater to fit your house? We can help out with any questions you may have.