Baked Delights

A large percentage of the Temp-Cast heaters shipped each year include the bake oven option.  When the fire is out, the bake oven holds excellent baking temperatures for several hours.

As many professional bakers & pizza gourmets already know, baked goods from a wood-fired oven are unmatched for taste, aroma and texture and are cherished by food-lovers around the world.   The passion that these bakers have for the centuries-old tradition of baking simple and wholesome foods in a wood-fired oven is also refreshing.

This section is dedicated to photos and stories of Temp-Cast bake ovens and the owners who enjoy them.  Also, watch this page for future information, photos and links to our new line of Temp-Cast pizza ovens


Bill, from Flagstaff Az, is clearly delighted with his new Temp-Cast heater/bakeoven.  He built his oven on the back side of his heater for easier access to his kitchen.

Bill has just removed 2 “bilalies” from his oven.  Bill says “a bilaly is something like a bagel, but doesn’t have a hole. Instead, you fill the indentation in the center with caramelized onions prior to baking.” (He has promised us a recipe, which we will share with you.)

We don’t know much about Bill’s baking prowess, but we suspect he knows his way around a kitchen – not only does he have a dandy of an apron, these bilalies look delcious!

International Orders

Outside of the United States & Canada, Temp-Cast masonry heater kits have been shipped to several international destinations over the last 20 years. These countries include Japan, Germany, France, England and Austria. Our most recent shipments have been to a new dealer in Australia – Heavenly Heat. (Click on this link to read about this new dealer and Temp-Cast in Owner-Builder Magazine. )

We can ship a Temp-Cast masonry heater kit to any European port for 600 euros, with a shipping time of approximately 4 weeks, port to port. (Additional costs to consider would be freight charges from the destination port, insurance, import duties or taxes, & transformers for electrically-operated dampers.)

Due to the differences in regulations from country to country (and in fact, from region to region), we strongly suggest that you consult your local building inspection official before placing an order, to ensure that the heater conforms to local regulations as a site-built fireplace. Please contact us for further information & assistance.

North American Approvals

Throughout Canada and the United States, Temp-Cast masonry heaters are installed in accordance with local and national building codes as site-built masonry fireplaces. In addition, Temp-Cast heaters have been accepted as clean-burning heaters by the Environmental Protection Agency in the United States.

However, due to localized emissions problems, some state and local governments require additional testing to ensure that solid-fuel appliances comply with their particular regulations for clean-burning. Temp-Cast wood-fired masonry heaters have received approval in three of the most difficult jurisdictions in which to obtain acceptance to date: the State of Colorado , San Luis Obispo county in California and the State of Washington.

Note: these letters of approval are in Adobe .pdf format, which greatly reduces file size and allows easy access to documents across all operating systems. The Adobe Reader is free and can be easily downloaded from Adobe by clicking here.

Production Facilities

TempCast manufacturing facilitiesTemp-Cast has grown into the largest North American manufacturer of masonry heaters for several reasons. The most important of these is the fact that masonry heaters are our only business – we don’t do masonry work, install fireplaces or sell other unrelated products – we only do masonry heaters. Our committment to the product is 100% and unconditional.
In addition, a large part of our success can be attributed to our 7500 sq.ft. production facilities in Port Colborne Ontario, located 25 miles from the US/Canada border near Niagara Falls.


Our custom facilities and unique production process ensure the best quality control features in the industry. The custom refractory recipe is mixed in a “muller” mixer which is balanced on electronic load cells. This allows us to precisely control all of the recipe ingredients and ensure uniformity of mixture. With this system we have been able to reduce the water content by 7% – and less water results in a stronger, more consistent refractory product. In addition, we can pour all of the parts for a complete heater in a single mix.

The Temp-Cast fully-modular masonry heater core kit is then assembled on a 48″x48″ pallette, ready for shipping by tractor/trailer. Temp-Cast heaters are shipped throughout North America, and also to Europe and Japan. Many of our customers in the northeast also choose to drive to our facilities to pick up their units.

Raw materials mixer
Feeding the conveyor
Palletted heaters

Wood/BTU Table

SpeciesWeightEase of SplittingBTU per lb
Ash3440Easy/Mod easy4940
Birch, White3040Easy5555
Birch, Yellow3680Moderate5335
Cedar West Red2060Easy6573
Elm, White2260Very Difficult5700
Fir, Douglas2970Easy6100
Fir, Grand2160Easy5888
Larch, Western3330Easy/Mod easy6380
Locust, Black3840Very Difficult6134
Maple, Red3200Moderate5564
Maple, Sugar3680Moderate5763
Oak, Red3680Moderate5425
Oak, White4200Moderate5640
Pine, Lodgepole2610Easy6138
Pine, Ponderosa2240Easy6917
Pine, White2250Easy6000
Spruce, Red2070Easy5900
Spruce, White2240Moderate5070