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TempCast manufacturing facilitiesTemp-Cast has grown into the largest North American manufacturer of masonry heaters for several reasons. The most important of these is the fact that masonry heaters are our only business - we don't do masonry work, install fireplaces or sell other unrelated products - we only do masonry heaters. Our committment to the product is 100% and unconditional. In addition, a large part of our success can be attributed to our 7500 sq.ft. production facilities in Port Colborne Ontario, located 25 miles from the US/Canada border near Niagara Falls.


Our custom facilities and unique production process ensure the best quality control features in the industry. The custom refractory recipe is mixed in a "muller" mixer which is balanced on electronic load cells. This allows us to precisely control all of the recipe ingredients and ensure uniformity of mixture. With this system we have been able to reduce the water content by 7% - and less water results in a stronger, more consistent refractory product. In addition, we can pour all of the parts for a complete heater in a single mix.

The Temp-Cast fully-modular masonry heater core kit is then assembled on a 48"x48" pallette, ready for shipping by tractor/trailer. Temp-Cast heaters are shipped throughout North America, and also to Europe and Japan. Many of our customers in the northeast also choose to drive to our facilities to pick up their units.

Raw materials mixer
Feeding the conveyor
Palletted heaters