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High Country Stoves
Becky & Larry James
860 N 3rd Street
Laramie, WY 82072
Phone: (307) 745-4488 or (800) 557-4488
Fax: (307) 745-1544
email: larry@highcountrystoves.com

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At High Country Stoves, we are still in love with using wood heat. Because of this love of the warmth that you can't get from any other source, we have a TempCast 2000 burning in our showroom. We do not just fire it up on the days someone wants to look at it, we use it almost every day during the winter, even though we have lots of other hearth appliances hooked up to burn in our showroom. There is no doubt that it is our favorite unit to use.

Of course, I have other ulterior motives as well. Because we chose a unit with the optional bake oven for our display, we are able to cook in our heater as well. On days when I am hungry for a pizza, or some other delicious meal, I or my wife make sure the heater has an extra load of pine (the best wood that still grows at our high altitude) so the oven is nice and hot for cooking in. We time the fire so that it has burned out by the time we are ready to start cooking, and then use our high temperature vacuum to clean any residue out of the oven space. Because we do not have an oven, other than a microwave, at our retail store, the TempCast's bake oven feature sure is handy.

The thing that I still find hard to believe about the TempCast 2000 is how clean the glass stays in the firebox door. I sell a lot of different wood burning appliances, and the TempCast 2000 has them all beat in how clean the glass stays. This is very impressive to me as the dealer, I know it will be equally as impressive for the homeowner.

We have come to enjoy our TempCast so much, that we are designing it into our dream home that will be built in a few years. I don't just say that because I sell the TempCast, it's because I really do enjoy the heater. I have always enjoyed wood burning, because I guess I am a pyromaniac at heart. It's hard to tear myself away from watching the mesmerizing fire when we start the heater in the morning. The top burn fire is such a great way to build a fire, and is fun to watch burn down. Even my wife, who is not as much of a pyromaniac as I am, loves to build the fire and watch it burn.

We are very happy with our commitment to install the TempCast 2000 in our showroom, and plan on selling lots more of the heaters, as they become better known in our region.

Larry James
Owner, High Country Stoves