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A large percentage of the Temp-Cast heaters shipped each year include the bake oven option.  When the fire is out, the bake oven holds excellent baking temperatures for several hours.  

As many professional bakers & pizza gourmets already know, baked goods from a wood-fired oven are unmatched for taste, aroma and texture and are cherished by food-lovers around the world.   The passion that these bakers have for the centuries-old tradition of baking simple and wholesome foods in a wood-fired oven is also refreshing. 

This section is dedicated to photos and stories of Temp-Cast bake ovens and the owners who enjoy them.  Also, watch this page for future information, photos and links to our new line of Temp-Cast pizza ovens


Bill, from Flagstaff Az, is clearly delighted with his new Temp-Cast heater/bakeoven.  He built his oven on the back side of his heater for easier access to his kitchen. 

Bill has just removed 2 "bilalies" from his oven.  Bill says "a bilaly is something like a bagel, but doesn't have a hole. Instead, you fill the indentation in the center with caramelized onions prior to baking." (He has promised us a recipe, which we will share with you.) 


We don't know much about Bill's baking prowess, but we suspect he knows his way around a kitchen - not only does he have a dandy of an apron, these bilalies look delcious!